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Dr. Ulf Niemeyer

Niomech – IIT GmbH
Universitätsstr. 25
33615 Bielefeld

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Managing director:
Dipl.-Soz. Ludwig Pleus

Chairman supervisory board:
Prof. Dr. h.c. Helmut Steiner

Chairman advisory board:
Gerd Seidensticker

Register court:
Bielefeld, HRB 35308

DE 176 214 836



Niomech is a part of the Institute for Innovation Transfer at the University of Bielefeld GmbH (IIT GmbH, in Germany. Niomech´s labs are located within the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Bielefeld. Niomech is managed by Dr. rer. nat. Ulf Niemeyer (chemist, scientific director). The name ‘Niomech’ contains the four words Niemeyer, biology, medicine, and chemistry.

Competence / Profile

More than 25 years experience in cancer research of drugs within the F+E department of the pharmaceutical companies ASTA Medica AG / Degussa and Baxter Oncology GmbH: Synthesis of new derivatives of active compounds, process development, production, quality control, pharmacological and clinical development. Main focus are MAFOSFAMIDE, GLUFOSFAMIDE and PERFOSFAMIDE.

Main Target

  • Scientific consulting, order synthesis for customers and marketing of cyclophosphamide and ifosfamide derivatives (especially active und non-active metabolites, by-products, degradation products). The thermo instability of these substances requires high experience in synthesis and sale.
  • Drug development in partnership with other companies.


The compounds are suitable for

  • chemosensitivity testing,
  • in-vitro activity tests,
  • pharmacokinetic research and Quality Control as analytical reference compounds,
  • bone marrow cleaning.

The substances are crystalline, pure synthetic compounds. Mafosfamide L-lysine is a sterile lyophilisate, which was manufactured under GMP rules and is suitable for bone marrow cleaning. All chemicals are regularly under cooling delivered to Universities and companies world-wide.

Quote and Sale:

For instance the following substances are available any time:

  • 4-Hydroperoxycyclophosphamide
    (4-HC, perfosfamide, Code-No. D-18864, CAS-No. 39800-16-3)
  • 4-Hydroperoxyifosfamide
    (Code-No. D-18851, CAS-No. 39800-28-7)
  • Mafosfamide cyclohexylamine salt
    (Code-No. D-17272, CAS-No. 84210-80-0)
  • Mafosfamide L-lysine salt
    (Code-No. D-17930, CAS-No. 8845-64-8)
  • In the side chain four times deuterated cyclophosphamide
    (Code-No. D-81086, nearly CAS-No. 57154-94-6)


(about 50 scientific papers or other presentations; see for instance: and search for ‘Niemeyer U’)

  • C.-H. Kwon, R.F. Borch, J. Engel, and U. Niemeyer: Activation mechanisms of mafosfamide and the role of thiols in cyclophosphamide metabolism; J. Med. Chem. 30, 395-399 (1987).
  • U. Niemeyer, J. Engel, P. Hilgard, M. Peukert, J. Pohl, H. Sindermann: Mafosfamide - a derivative of 4-hydroxycylophosphamide; in: Progress in Clinical Biochemistry and Medicine, vol.9. p. 35-60, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, Tokyo (1989).
  • V. Gilard, R. Martino, MC. Malet-Martino, B. Kutscher, A. Müller, U. Niemeyer, J. Pohl, EE. Polymeropoulos: Chemical and biological evaluation of hydrolysis products of cyclophosphamide; J. Med. Chem. 37, 3986-3993 (1994).


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